This is the first blog post (lifestyle maybe) that I'm doing today sort of an introductory one where you get to know about me. I’m very nervous right now and it took me a few months to work up the courage to post something online. Life has been changing all around me and I have been through some encounters recently that I wouldn’t want to repeat. But that doesn’t mean that what happened was all bad. Some was good and some was a bit like “wakeup call”.

October has been a very busy month as I got enrolled in a Web Programming Course along with my graduation degree in English. I have to do assignments, quizzes and revisions every day to keep up with what my professor teaches in class. My final project is supposed to be a LIVE WEBSITE built from scratch and honestly with all the worrying I’m about scratch my hair off!!

Furthermore, I haven’t read a book in three days and it is a bad, very bad news for my bookaholic self! I need to schedule, make sometime for reading (writes a mental note to self for reminder). I recently downloaded the complete GOT7 comeback album and keep finding my inner self grooving to the ahmazing beats!!

Oh! I also listened to KBS The Uni+ “λΉ› Last One” and I found it quite enjoyable. I’ll be following all the updates of this collaborating unit with much focus (hear! hear!). Moving on, I wanted to do an A-Z Blogger’s Tag in my first post to make it more interesting 😊

Let’s do this!!

Age: 22

Birthday: 8th of July.

Chores You hate: I’m lazy when it comes to household chores and I delay them as long as I can. I do however complete them before my mum loses her temper πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. I don’t hate any work and enjoy doing work, when I start doing it after delaying it!

Dream Life: Get a good paid writer’s job, buy a car for myself, go to big book shopping sprees, go to Hawaii, South Korea and Malaysia, attend a KPOP concert, get a lifetime supply of spicy chicken wings with yummy dips, get my novel published and the list goes on!

Education: Surviving through 3rd year of graduating in English.

Favorite Colors: Orange(obsession), Black n White and Pink n Purple.

Gold or Silver: Silver.

Height: 5'1.

Instruments you play: None(No musical talent).

Job Title: Part time student + Part time Freelancer

Kids: None.

Live: Karachi, Pakistan.

Mother's Name: Afsheen.

Nicknames: Nova, Nomi, Nono and Novi.

Overnight hospital stays: None.

Pets: None.

Quote you live by: 

**When you compare them to the poor caged birds that have forgotten to fly, crows are much better, being a Crow is good enough for me.

-Genji Takuya (Crows Zero)

**When the wind blows, let it come, stay, and leave.

When a feeling of longing comes, let it come, stay, and leave.

Pain will come. It will stay and live. It will live than leave.

-It’s Okay, That’s Love.

Right-handed or left-handed: Lefty.

Something that people don't know about you: Ummm…

Things that will piss you off: Talking excessively, Made up accents, lies, poorly cooked food and someone waking me up from my hard to get sleep!

Ultimate Blog Envy: Everyone right now since I just started!

Vegetables you love: Guard, potatoes, onions, capsicum and jalapenos.

Why you started blogging & Why this blog name:

I have started blogging because I love to write and I will have my own venting space since there’s no one at home to talk to 24/7 (only child).

As for the blog name, well, I like my nickname “Nova” as it was given by my best friends and I have this weird fascination with the Children’s Fiction Story Alice in the Wonderland.

X-rays you have had: I had an ultrasound, no x-rays!

Yummy food you make: Biryani, Capsicums filled with Minced Meat, Chicken Karahi, Jumbo Burgers, Tomato and Imlee Chutney and Pancakes.

Zoo Animals: Tiger, Elephant, Panda, Black Panther and Peacock.
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Fraffles has one of the best, most tastiest waffles!

Photo Credits: Team Fraffles
For foodies like me, breakfast is a very important meal of the day no matter if we are on a diet or too much zoned out to cook something good or running late for class or job or a very important appointment. I personally make sure to either have ‘egg on a toast’ or some fruit and if I’m really in a good mood I go for a good fat sandwich or a big round paratha! 

Growing up as an only child, Sundays were usually a bit gloomy for me as most of my closest relatives lived abroad and there were no big family dinners. So, every Sunday my mum used to make this big breakfast spread (with me helping out) which included veggie omelet or fried eggs(sunny side up), buttered toasts with jam, hot and fresh pancakes, piping hot and crispy waffles and if dad had gone to a supermarket for grocery, we also had big, fat, juicy, fried sausages. As a child I liked soft stuff more and pancakes were my favorite but when I grew up I developed a taste for waffles which has had me hunting for some really good ones ever since then. 

Invitation by Team Fraffles
Being a food enthusiast, I not only look for something tasty but also something Instagramable and hygienic Unfortunately, I haven’t found many options when it comes to having yummy and affordable waffles outdoors. So, I was a bit apprehensive when I received an invite as a food blogger to taste the waffles of a rising star in the field of food stands, “F.R.A.F.F.L.E.S” at the ‘Mental Health Week’ being celebrated in University of Karachi. I decided there was no harm in trying their waffles as I had heard about their immediate rise to fame right after their very first try as a waffle food stand at UOK and since I know most of the members of ‘Team Fraffles’(as my university mates), I could just as easily wring their necks (kidding!) if something funny did happen to my stomach. 

Fraffles by Rida Rahim and Co.
Before I go further deep in my food review I’d like to tell you about F.R.A.F.F.L.E.S. “Fraffles-The Waffle House” is the brainchild of Rida Rahim, a promising student of Department of Psychology, UOK and a hobbyist chef. Rida introduced the idea of making fresh on the spot waffles on the premises of the campus and it was an instant hit! Fraffles has now an amazing team which functions and provides magnificent waffles desserts at different events and they’re pretty much famous in our university for a superb startup. How they came up with their startup name is a pretty good story. Team Fraffles love Friends, the very famous TV show and the very first time they tried out their food stall venture they based it on a “FRIENDS” theme and it was an immense success. When it comes to me, Fraffles is basically my friends making delicious waffles for me!

Waffles in making.
Moving on, when I visited the ‘Fraffles’ waffle stall around noon during the Mental Health Week my nose smelled the most delightful aroma of chocolate, vanilla and that evergreen smell of something baking in the air. It was nice seeing a huge crowd of students and visitors around their stall, happily eating their waffles and chatting. The stall itself was big enough to accommodate all the waffle making products on it and was decorated in a festive way. Everyone in the team management was working diligently and looked very professional. Each and every customer was getting a warm welcome and the team patiently waited for them to decide on the toppings and answered every query. I was told to wait for a few seconds as my waffle was getting prepared. It was refreshing to be right next to where the food was getting prepared as I could observe how it was being made and I was satisfied to see that everyone who was on the stall making waffles was wearing plastic gloves and all the ingredients used were top notch. This time around Fraffles had 22 toppings buffet, which was very exciting for a sweet tooth like me. From chocolate brownie and wafers to sprinkles and chocolate chips, they had almost every topping imaginable. 

22 Toppings Buffet!
 It was hard to decide what to pick but I opted for chocolate brownie with loads of chocolate syrup and chocolate chips sprinkled on top. The result was heavenly! Rich dark chocolate covered my waffle, chocolate brownie crumpled on top with glistening chocolate chips added more spice (no! sugar) to the heavenly view. The texture of the waffle was crispy on the outside and fluffy and soft on the inside just as I like it and I could taste the perfect balance of butter and vanilla in it. The serving was enough to satiate my dessert craving for a day! The best thing about Fraffles is that they keep pocket friendly price range. The rates this time were Rs.110 for a piping hot waffle with two toppings and Rs.150 for 4 toppings of your choice (pretty cool right!).

Waffles have never looked this heavenly before!
Oh! Fraffles also introduced a new flavor for people who don’t like desserts or would like something spicy rather than sweet, “Dam-keema Waffles” (minced meat with onions and green chilli garnished on top) and the starting price was Rs.70 only.

New Flavor: Dam-Keema Waffles
Lastly my ratings for “Fraffles-The Waffle House” are as follows:
Taste: 10/10
Service: 10/10
Pocket friendly or Expensive: Pocket friendly!
Presentation: 9/10
Hygiene: 9/10

On a closing note I’d like to say that I’m extremely proud of my university mates for opening this AH-mazing food/dessert venture and I feel like a mama duck whose chicks have done something wonderful! People in Karachi should definitely check out their stall in the next foodie event and book them for their events cuz I’m telling you, F.R.A.F.F.L.E.S has got what it takes to be food venture. 
Kudos to the whole team with lots n lots of appreciation!!

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